Senior Java Developer In Kherson, Ukraine

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Over this time, we have created Dedicated Teams that included a total of up to 50 Java developers and delivered ultimately challenging Java app development projects. They are improving their expertise while working on our internal projects.

  • Our developer team gathers all the necessary information, specifications, and most importantly the client expectation to develop an application at par with the business standards.
  • Browse descriptions, feedback, and awards to find which can best suit your company’s needs.
  • Headquartered in Chicago, Forte Group is an international IT firm with offices in Belarus and Ukraine.
  • Their team of 113 provides web development, mobile app development, and application testing for their mid market clients.
  • We have deep expertise in delivering the best Java designing and Java Development Services.

Intellias is one of the biggest Ukrainian IT companies that brings together more than 1600 professionals. The company is based in Ukraine with engineering centers in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Ivano-Frankivsk, a delivery center in Poland and representative offices in Germany, USA, and Saudi Arabia.

Looking For A Top Java Developer In Ukraine?

Romexsoft is an agile Java software development company from Ukraine with HQ in Lviv and representative offices in London, UK, and Chicago, USA. We believe in the brave new world of better apps that go beyond the boldest users’ expectations. We are the team, whose goal is to help other companies become digital-native and unlock their full product potential through Java technology. Medium and low level of client engagement is inherent with project outsourcing vendors like IBM and Accenture. Outsourcing vendors will manage your developers, while you will only provide specific requirements and expectations. You can build a cohesive remote development team with an outstaffing vendor like Daxx.

java development services ukraine

As for Western European developers, they set rates of $70/hour and higher. Apart from that, we should mention that many Ukrainian students start working part-time in big IT companies in their twenties. Usually, they experience fast growth within a particular software development company.


The company is a leading developer of mobile applications and provides development services for enterprises, websites, mobile devices, and desktops. The GBKSOFT mobile app development services include involvement, communication, delivery, project management, and onboarding. More than 60% of our colleagues do mobile app development also offer wearable solutions. In addition to this, many Ukrainian mobile application development companies have experience in IoT, AR/VR. Binary Studio is a software development firm headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine with an office in San Francisco.

java development services ukraine

Ukrainian software developers have a great knowledge of different programming languages. Thus, the most popular technologies are JavaScript (18,1%), Java (14,7%), C# (14,3%), Python (12,1%), and PHP (10,1%). Ukrainian software developers show a high level of involvement in the projects they are working on. They are interested in long-term cooperation with their customers.

Global Company Size

Before you hire Java programmers, it is essential to know which skills, experience and educational background to look for. Let’s consider a Java developer resume sample of different levels. Modernize your legacy Java applications to leverage cutting edge architecture, streamline performance, and boost business intelligence. We enrich the capabilities of our Java solutions using such tools as artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning, neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing. Creating cloud infrastructure, cloud platform setup and cloud integration to streamline your Java application and business. New b2b solutions and technologies are geared towards providing a great experience for millions of gamers. A big software company has about 3,000 employees, placing it in the large-sized category of IT companies by Ukraine and even international standards.

Top Software Development Companies 2021 That Are Growing Fast –

Top Software Development Companies 2021 That Are Growing Fast.

Posted: Sun, 23 May 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Our developers create codes based on the finalized designed documents. The application is tested, models are implemented and the application is integrated with all the features. Our developer team gathers all the necessary information, specifications, and most importantly the client expectation to develop an application at outstaffing services devops teams par with the business standards. From designing the layouts to creating navigation icons, everything is involved in our designing cycle. We have deep expertise in delivering the best Java designing and Java Development Services. Our creative minds have rich experience in building interactive and friendly application UI.

Daxx Java Development Services

Almost 70% of them speak English at the intermediate and upper-intermediate levels, according to DOU. The tech industry is nothing without the people who push it forward. And Ukraine can boast thousands of talented, professional, driven people. Ciklum is an award-winning global IT company with Scandinavian roots and almost 20 years of experience.

java development services ukraine

The United States has the largest number of 21.4 million software developers in 2018, the United Kingdom employs around 813,500 , and Germany – 837,398, according to the survey conducted by Stack Overflow. Ukrainian IT experts are trained to always put their clients first and they go out of their way to ensure projects are finished on time and within budget. Over the last few years, there have been some important releases for Spring, Spring Security and Spring Boot which offer many benefits for Java programming. Therefore, an offshore dedicated Java developer will have to upgrade their Spring framework skills. The business process automatization with digital solutions plays an essential role today.

Company Rating 3 5 +

We provide a range of services – from custom software development to dedicated teams since 2012. Recognized as a mother country of many talented Java developers, Ukraine has become extremely popular as an IT outsourcing destination.

Intellias is developing a location data platform for a global leader in location-based services. The platform is powered by real-time HD maps, and the engineers are responsible for the cloud-based architecture and robotaxi technology that aims to enable self-driving cars in the future.

It provides marketing expertise, sophisticated CRM solutions and other services for operators seeking a full turnkey solution. Playtech’s Financials division operates both on a B2C and B2B basis.

java development services ukraine

According to the report, the United States remains the primary target market for most software companies in Ukraine, accounting for about 80% of exported IT services. No doubt that it’s an important feature because, before the start of cooperation, the client considers various opportunities and has approximate budget expectations. The fact that you can reduce the cost for the product without compromising on quality certainly looks like an advantage. We always place our clients in the spotlight – and act the same with our employees.

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The report by GSA reveals that the number of people working in IT engineering will reach 200,000 in 2020. The IT Ukraine Association reports that over 20,000 tech students graduate in Ukraine each year. Ukrainian state universities cooperate with local IT clusters, making Certified Software Development Professional sure that the curriculum of the technical departments is up to date with the latest tech trends and business achievements. It’s also frequent for students and graduates to take courses or internship programs provided by medium and large tech companies or academies.

This has allowed them to gain excellent work experience in Java development services. Our team provides Java programming services for the development of official, scalable software solutions with Java EE, J2SE standards. For a client in Social Robotics, we developed cloud-based server-side and native applications to enable user integration with the robot, paying specific attention to security and data protection.

Ukraine is oriented to the West in more ways than just mentally and in terms of business. In particular, this applies to IT services in the U.S., EU, and Australia. Ukrainian outsourcing companies work with global giants like Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Bosch, eBay, IBM, etc. The ability to think in a European direction gives Ukrainian specialists an advantage in their work. This kind of growth has filled in the ranks of Ukrainian IT with many talented engineers with case studies for acclaimed projects all around the globe.

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